Speed Panel

 The Speed Panel was created to greatly increase the speed and ease of working with WordPress. It allows the user to jump quickly between page / post edit pages, and can be used to easily insert useful content directly into the active editor.

  • 1 click jump menu to any page / post / category edit page in your site
  • 1 click insertion of shortcodes and internal links into the editor
  • Pages, posts, categories and shortcodes are arranged in expandable, hierachical tree menus for the fastest possible access.
  • Slide in / out functionality for efficient screen usage (plus the ability to ‘lock’ in place).


A huge amount of shortcodes are included in the theme, quickly accessible from the speed panel shortcodes pane.
There is a shortcode for almost anything you can think of! 

  • Styling Shortcodes (headers, dropcap, lists, pricing tables, pullquotes, alerts, boxes, buttons, highlights, dividers – approx 40 shortcodes)
  • Jquery Shortcodes (tabs, toggles, accordions – 5 shortcodes plus variations)
  • Layout / Column Shortcodes (approx 50 shortcodes)
  • Gallery Shortcodes (1-8 columns – 8 shortcodes)
  • Image Shortcodes (15 sizes, all can be further adjusted from the admin – 15 shortcodes)
  • Video Shortcodes (Youtube, Vimeo – 2 shortcodes)
  • Widget Shortcodes (Twitter, Flickr, Recent Posts, Popular Posts, Related Posts, Mini Blog, Contact Info, Contact Form – 8 shortcodes)
  • Composite Shortcodes (8 shortcodes)
In order to save you time when building your site, Numerous ‘Composite Shortcodes’ have also been included. Composite shortcodes are collections of shortcodes that have been put together to create various types of content that you can inject into your posts and pages with a single click. The majority of pages in this demo site are included as composite shortcodes.

Super Sidebars

Super sidebars extend the functionality and usability of WordPress sidebars. Every sidebar (widget area) can be replaced on each page / post by either another sidebar, or text / html via extra visual editors.

  • You can populate any and all sidebar areas, on all posts and pages individually with anything you want.
  • When replacing with a visual editor you can use the speed panel to quickly insert shortcodes directly into the sidebar areas.
  • Super sidebars provide a much faster and more intuitive way to override sidebars on specific pages.

Easy Cufon Plus

This theme extends on the already impressive functionality of the Easy Cufon premium plugin , and is built right into the admin panel
  • A great range of pre-selected commercially safe free fonts
  • The ability to add and create new cufon fonts entirely from within the admin
  • The ability to read any cufon fonts uploaded directly into the cufonts folder.
    ( Great for quickly incorporating any existing cufon fonts you might have )
  • Most Cufon suitable areas can now be assigned a font individually.

Color, and size can also be adjusted per area. The areas supporting individual fonts are:

  • Global (all areas)
  • H1,H2,H3,H4,H5
  • Special Dark Headers
  • Special Light Headers
  • Top Navigation Bar
  • Top Navigation
  • Bar Dropdowns
  • Teaser Text Area

Header Options

The theme supports 4 different featured content sliders in multiple slider heights. The predefined heights can also be adjusted via the theme options panel. To view the sliders in action please click below:

3d Banner Rotator

Anything Slider

Title Variations

The theme supports a standard title, the option to add a teaser below the title, or the header area can be used as a sidebar or an extra visual editor area.


The theme has 9 extra widgets included: Click here to see a test page with all possible widgets (including standard WordPress ones)

Flexible Portfolios + Galleries

Hugely flexible in terms of numbers of columns, image sizes and portfolio categories, this theme is perfect for portfolio / gallery heavy sites
  • Massive column flexibility, portfolios are available in: 1 column, 2 columns, 3 columns, 4 columns, 5 columns, 6 columns, 7 columns, 8 columns
  • Rewritten galleries, also available in 1 column, 2 columns, 3 columns, 4 columns, 5 columns, 6 columns, 7 columns, 8 columns
  • Intelligent sizing. Depending on the template used, the theme will select the nearest preset image size to fit.
  • Automatic application of fancy borders and rollover effects on all portfolios / galleries
  • Video, image, document, link portfolios can be used
  • Fancy filtering of video, image, document, and link portfolios via quicksand
  • Prettyphoto Integration
  • Custom post type allows for unlimited portfolios based on categories
  • Easy to use and powerful portfolio shortcode generator

Extended Templating

The theme supports very flexible templating that allows you great control over the appearance of your siteAll fonts, links, headers can be fully adjusted via color picker. Dark headers use layered transparent png gradients that also allow for full color flexibility

There are 3 core templates included, right sidebar, left sidebar and full width. These templates can be applied to the following groups in the admin panel:

  • Pages
  • Posts
  • Archives
  • Blog / Categories
  • Single Posts
  • Search Results
  • 404 page
These group templates can be overridden per individual page, and this functionality has been extended so individual single posts can now override the group template.

Huge Color Flexibility

All fonts, links, headers can be fully adjusted via color picker. Dark headers use layered transparent png gradients that also allow for full color flexibility


Some of the other more standard functionality included:
  • Translation ready
  • Over 50 social media icons built in (just enter your url and they will show at the top of the site)
  • Different templates per single post, not just page
  • 4 featured content sliders to choose from.
  • Any slider height (4 preset heights, but these can all be changed via the admin)
  • Different sliders per page / post
  • Breadcrumbs (can be turned on and off per page)
  • Pagination
  • Unlimited sidebars
  • Flexible logo height area (has been tested on taller logos)
  • Add Favicon + Logo easily from admin
  • Optionally scripts can be set to load at the bottom of the page
  • Intelligent portfolio / gallery sizes. (the theme will select the best size image for the template / columns selected)
  • 1-8 column portfolios / galleries
  • Unlimited Portfolios (can be different per page / post)
  • Supports Image, Video, Document (contents of the portfolio post) and Link (internal / external) portfolio types
  • Quicksand portfolio filtering + create and filter by unlimited filter types
  • PrettyPhoto integration
  • Smoothscroll top shortcode
  • WP3 Menus
  • Great support
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